what will you get?

EXPERIENCE is something you can never buy with money. if you want to indulge the sweet chocolate, you have to taste it on your own. the same here, an experience you could only speak of, talk about, being proud of by participating the programme!!

  • LISTEN to what the seniors have to share with their experience while being overseas! they have lots and lots of things to tell you guys!
  • get to KNOW MORE about your university that you are enrolled to! where is the library, where to get this and that, where to get halal food in uni, and so much more!
  • what are the DOs AND DON’Ts when entering the borders? ask the seniors, they are here to help at PSM 2010!!
  • how to PRACTICE ISLAM while going overseas?? we bring you the experts of such field specially for PSM 2010!!
  • join our OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and enjoy your time!!!

we have so much more to offer you! experience? priceless!


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